uVizz was started in early 2008 by 4 guys in Edmond, Oklahoma. Instead of working up the concept in a fancy office, all meetings took place in the dining rooms of those guys. That continued for almost a year and a half. Now uVizz actually has an office and their wives have stopped griping at them, at least about the meetings. uVizz was originally called Referral Bee, but after a few months the 4 guys then came to their senses and realized that the name was incredibly lame. They then came up with uVizz, which stands for You-Video-Buzz. It’s so much cooler and the guys are no longer embarrassed to say the company name in public.

Contact Info

Email: support@uvizzmedia.com

uVizz on Twitter

We all know there are Twitter impostors out there. They try to cause problems for companies by sending out controversial tweets. To thwart the evil, we’ve put together a company Twitter directory. Anyone else claiming to be a uVizz employee on Twitter is just a wannabe.